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I’m Bill McLaughlin, a Personal and Business Coach with particular insight, expertise and 30-years experience in advanced meditation, hypnotherapy and the Law of Detachment. I use a combination of these and other methods to help you quickly overcome whatever’s blocking your personal, professional, business or spiritual advancement.

My coaching approach is based on the simple but amazing fact, that it’s not possible to have any potential within you without also having the method of realization within you as well! My job is to teach you that all-powerful, reality-based method — the method for which you’ve been consciously or unconsciously searching all along. I save you years of painful and expensive trial and error. I teach you how to do it yourself. How to transform yourself from the inside out. How to be free of creative blocks, mental hindrances, self-sabotage and self-imposed limitations. 

WHO IS THIS UNIQUE BRAND OF COACHING FOR? It’s for people who’ve  tried everything else. If you’ve been stuck on the same level of performance for too long and seek a way to snap out of it, this method is for you!  

WHAT WILL YOU GET FROM COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME? You’ll get my 2-pronged, mind-body approach to goal achievement. You’ll learn the “Inner Game” of peak performance and the “Outer Game” of systematic, successful action. The Inner Game is about seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling and acting from a little distance. — The mindset by which to operate with genius-like clarity, confidence and creative power. — The mindset by which to overcome subconscious blocks to advancement. This “keeping your distance” viewpoint is a natural, reality-based way of life, a way to “practice” life, a way to do life, a way of living your potential as a healthier, happier, more confident, successful and fulfilled person. The Outer Game is knowing the proven, step by step physical formula for getting from desire to fulfillment as effectively and efficiently as possible. 


That’s the law, power and definition of what I call The Meditation Mindset. Peak performance in all areas of life is your present-moment potential, but you didn’t have the specific method for actualizing that potential — and didn’t even know there was such a thing.  

You’re not alone. Only a small percentage of people in the world know the method. Even some world-class achievers and geniuses themselves don’t know it. They function as geniuses, but are unconscious of the law or principle behind it. If you asked them the secret of their genius, they’d say it’s just hard work. Michelangelo said, “If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius.” Einstein said something similar, “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.”

They were just expressing humility, of course, — a characteristic of genius. Their humility comes from understanding that genius is expressed by the personality but doesn’t come from it; it comes from the impersonal, subconscious part of themselves – the source of their unprecedented insight, intellectual ability and creative productivity.

Their method of “coming from their subconscious” source of knowledge and power is a matter of the attitude or viewpoint from which they experience the present moment. That viewpoint is simply one of distance. To the degree you can “keep a distance” from whatever you see, hear, think, feel and do, – you come from your subconscious. Then you have “it.” Then you’re enlightened. Awakened! 

Small business start ups & development
Fears & phobias — such as fear of flying, fear of public speaking, etc.
Eating disorders, weight loss, weight management
Negative habits & addictions — such as smoking, gambling, over drinking, over working, over spending, etc.
Negative emotions & attitudes — stress, anger, self-image, self-confidence, self-limitation, self-sabotage, self-control
All levels of meditation & spiritual awareness instruction.



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