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How about being much better at everything?  

Much better at your work, relationships, games and sports? Much better at managing your habits, behaviors, thoughts and feelings? Much better at removing limitations and blocks to fulfilling your goals and heart’s desires? Much better at living your purpose and potential?

The good news is this: It’s not possible to have any potential within you without also having the means to realize it within you as well! The whole purpose of this course is to teach you that all-powerful method for making your potential real. Consciously or unconsciously, this is the missing link for which you’ve been searching all along. — Not because the author says so, but because the method’s 3,000-year history says so.

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1. The Paperback Book – The Meditation Mindset (205 pages);
2. The 2 1/2 Hour Video — which ends with a powerful Concentration Exercise for Internalizing  Your Goals and a Guided Meditation Exercise for Living At Peak Performance;
3. Unlimited Personal Follow-up Support with Bill McLaughlin (via email)
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WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR?  It’s for people who have tried everything else. If you’ve been stuck on the same level of performance for too long and seek a way to snap out of it, this course is for you!

WHAT WILL I LEARN FROM THIS COURSE? You’ll learn “meditation in action,” which is seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling and acting — from a little distance. This is the method and mindset by which to operate with genius-like clarity and creative power. This “keeping your distance”  perspective is a natural, reality-based way of life, a way to “practice” life, a way to do life, a way of living your potential as a healthier, happier, more confident, intelligent and fulfilled person. Nothing else is needed!


“Keeping Your Distance” works by disentangling your awareness from whatever it’s aware of. This is how you live on the higher levels of your potential!

“Keeping Your Distance” gives you an unbiased, unvarnished perception of the present moment. It’s a mindset by which you’re on top of all experience instead of below it; above whatever you’re seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling and doing — instead of lost or entangled in it. You now know what you’re doing instead of “thinking” or “believing” you know!

“Keeping Your Distance” gives you direct, constant access to the subconscious part of your mind — the part that contains all the knowledge and power you need to take you wherever your heart desires — limited only by your imagination!

“Keeping Your Distance” puts you in the all-powerful “mind over matter” position where you control yourself — instead of people, places and situations controlling you!

“Keeping Your Distance” works in accordance with the law of detachment — that you can’t know the truth of what you’re experiencing unless you have some distance from it. Distance or separation is the truth or reality factor in all experience. For example, you can’t read a newspaper held directly against your eyes; a little space is needed!

“Keeping Your Distance” lets you see your thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviors with such extraordinary clarity that the unwanted ones can be effortlessly removed at will. For example, when you experience your anger from a distance — the anger subsides on its own. It must because that’s how the mind is wired. Likewise when experiencing any goal from a sufficient distance — the goal must be achieved!

YOU’LL LEARN THE 4 AREAS OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE THAT TAKE YOU WHEREVER YOUR HEART DESIRES. — Without this knowledge, you’re not really educated, enlightened or empowered!

1. WHO YOU REALLY AREboth personally and spiritually, and how one empowers the other. If you don’t know what makes you tick, it’s difficult to make your ideas and desires tick. Personally, we’re just actors playing a role, and spiritually, we are the pure, impersonal awareness above and distinct from all the roles we play. Keeping the two in their respective positions is living in enlightened reality, and is the relationship that allows the mind to empower the personality.

2. WHAT’S THE REAL MEANING & PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFEMeaning is personal; purpose is universal. The meaning of life is whatever you choose it to be – starting a business, being a nurse, raising children, saving the whale, getting back in shape, making a lot of money, visiting Paris, writing a poem, etc. The general purpose of life is to achieve and maintain the purity and clarity of your Awareness – so you can live to your moment to moment personal, professional and spiritual potential.

3. WHAT’S YOUR REAL PROBLEMPerforming below your potential indicates a lack of clarity – which is part of the “human condition” of being born self-centered – which causes us to take things personally instead of neutrally. This one-sided viewpoint causes mistakes which result in negative outcomes. The negative outcomes cause emotional pain and stress – which seeks relief or escape through food, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, shopping, gambling, excitement, etc. – which becomes a habit or addiction.

4. WHAT’S THE REAL SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMYou transcend the human condition by learning to respond to life in a neutral rather than personal way. Being neutral or centered is the highest state of mind achievable because there’s simply nothing higher than the middle! It’s the impersonal, indifferent, impartial mindset that’s not affected by one thing more than another. To the degree you’re centered, you experience optimal health, unconditional happiness, and unprecedented clarity and creative power. You achieve it by keeping a conscious, mirror-like distance from all you see, hear, think, feel and do. Being centered is the goal; keeping your distance is how you get there.


That’s the law, power and definition of The Meditation Mindset. Peak performance in all areas of life is your present-moment potential, but you didn’t have the specific method for actualizing that potential — and didn’t even know there was such a thing.  

You’re not alone. Only a small percentage of people in the world know the method. Even some world-class achievers and geniuses themselves don’t know it. They function as geniuses, but are unconscious of the law or principle behind it. If you asked them the secret of their genius, they’d say it’s just hard work. Michelangelo said, “If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius.” Einstein said something similar, “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.”

They were just expressing humility, of course, — a characteristic of genius. Their humility comes from understanding that genius is expressed by the personality but doesn’t come from it; it comes from the impersonal, subconscious part of themselves – the source of their unprecedented insight, intellectual ability and creative productivity.

Their method of “coming from their subconscious” source of knowledge and power is a matter of the attitude or viewpoint from which they experience the present moment. That viewpoint is simply one of distance. To the degree you can “keep a distance” from whatever you see, hear, think, feel and do, – you come from your subconscious. Then you have it. Again, nothing else is needed!



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